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Find Companies

Screen targets and generate relevant leads by defining parameters, such as geographic location, industry, and financials.

Find M&A Deals

Create a list of relevant deals by defining parameters, such as the deal type, status, value, and party financials, amongst others.

Financial Comparison

Compare financial metrics and share prices of multiple companies.

Industry Overview

Grasp a market’s size and compare market shares in selected industries.

Historical Price Data

Download share price, stock index and currency data for multiple companies.

Find Filings

Find various company filings of public companies effortlessly.

Find Stats

Find statistics data of various industries and regions in one place.

Find Report

Search and download reports about various industries, including niche ones.

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Receive email notifications for updates on M&A deals.

Report Builder

Create company summary reports with overview, financial statements and comeptitive landscape information.

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Import SPEEDA data to Excel.


One of the largest Asia-focused financial databases

Key items include, but are not limited to:

COMPANY Financial Data
  • Historical financial data (P/L, B/S, CF)
Company Discloures
  • Annual reports
  • Company filings
Market Data
  • Stock price, multiples, forecast, consensus dat
Credit Reports
  • Pay-per-view
  • Affiliates/segments information
  • Board of directors, shareholders
  • M&A deals
  • Company news
INDUSTRY Analysis Reports
  • Comprehensive industry reports on competitive trends and market shares by country & region across 560 industries, provided by our professional analysts
Statistics Data
  • Macro and industrial statistics data released by government, industry associations, and private research institutes
  • Peer comparison across 560 industries
  • Industry news
M&A DEALS Deal Overview
  • Deal parties & profiles
  • Deal rationale & timeline
  • Deal values
  • Deal multiples
  • Comparable transactions