MNCs in China:
Define China Operations in Global Strategy

2024年7月31日 14:00〜15:00

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Join this webinar to learn

  • What are the current market dynamics in China with slowing economic growth and overcapacity? Particularly in the manufacturing sector. What should we expect? 
  • How do you see the competition from local Chinese companies? What do foreign companies need to strengthen?
  • Some companies have been downsizing their China business in recent years, while others have said in China for China and in China for Global. What do you think about this phenomenon?
  • How do you respond to the changes in China with local actions and global perspectives? Can you give us some examples?


  • 结合中国经济刚交出“期中卷”, 如何看待中国当下经济和市场情况?我们应抱有怎样的预期?
  • 可如何看待来自中国本土企业的竞争?外资在哪些方面需要加强?
  • 近些年虽然有企业持续缩减中国业务,但也有企业喊出了在中国为中国在中国为全球,您如何看待这种现象?
  • 如何以本地行动和全球视角应对中国的变化?是否可以举例说明?
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July 31, 14:00-15:00 (Beijing Time)
7月31日 14:00-15:00 (北京时间)

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Language: English

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Speakers 分享嘉宾

Shuko Anzai 安齋朱晃

Regional Head of East Asia & Speeda China CEO, Uzabase

Joined Uzabase Hong Kong in 2017. In 2021, appointed to CEO of Speeda China. Before joining Uzabase, he was engaged in advertising sales promotion and marketing at Rakuten, Inc.


2017年加入Uzabase香港,2021年被任命为Speeda中国首席执行官。加入 Uzabase 之前,在 Rakuten, Inc. 从事广告促销和营销工作。

Junyi Zhang 张君毅

Partner and Head of Automotive and Industrial Goods, Greater China

With nearly 18 years of experience in management consulting, direct investment, and corporate operations, JunyiZhang has participated in and led over 50 cross-border and domestic M&A transactions and post-investment management improvement projects in China. He has also invested in nearly 10 unicorns and publicly listed companies.

奥纬咨询 董事合伙人,大中华区汽车与工业品业务主管合伙人